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  • LinkedIn for Business

    Achieving maximum value from LinkedIn is a science and a fine art that you can begin to master with this online short course. We will guide you on your…

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  • Personal Effectiveness

    Throughout this course, we will look at making use of all the personal and professional resources you have at your disposal to enable you to master your life and…

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  • Innovation

    In order to remain relevant, organisations need to stay ahead of the competition and cater to growing customer demands.

    Being innovative involves being able to translate ideas into value-adding products…

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  • Emotional Intelligence

    Emotional intelligence is the learnt skill that enables you to recognize, understand and manage, both your own emotions, and the emotions of those around you.  This skill allows you…

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  • Service Orientation

    In the modern, highly inter-connected world everyone is serving someone.  To survive, a company needs to really know its customers and offer a satisfying interaction at every contact point….

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  • Train Your Brain

    Cognitive flexibility is, “the brain’s ability to adapt your behaviour and thoughts to new, changing, or unexpected events. In other words, shifting is the ability to see that what…

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