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Achieving maximum value from LinkedIn is a science and a fine art that you can begin to master with this online short course. We will guide you on your way to success by showing you how to use effectively use the LinkedIn platform.

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What comes to mind when someone refers you to LinkedIn? We’ve had quite a number of unexpected answers ranging from it’s a “dating site” to “a jobs portal” to “a sales portal”.

LinkedIn’s core purpose is to help professionals build relationships, grow their sales, build brand awareness, reputations and credibility. Through LinkedIn, you will be able to understand who your audience is, what they do, where they work, and how you can work together to grow and further generate qualified sales.

This course is here to help set the record straight about what LinkedIn is truly about and its importance in your professional space through our online training sessions. This is what will be covered:

  • Maximise your profile
  • Boosting your profile’s visibility and SSI (Social Selling Index) score on your profile
  • How to make valuable connections
  • Recommendations and endorsements

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