Face to Face Short Courses

At Chartall Business College we know that not everyone wants to commit to registering for a full qualification. Sometimes a short course is enough to build confidence and learn the skills needed to cope with a new job or promotion without adding too much pressure.

The short courses at Chartall Business College have been designed to be either formally assessed (and therefore credit-bearing) or not formally assessed. Either option will give graduating learners a certificate – but the formally assessed certificate will be linked to unit standards, and these achievements will be registered with the Industry Sector Education & Training Authority (SETA).

Our short courses are delivered by industry practitioners and are designed to be practical, thought-provoking and relevant.

Whether learners select the formally-assessed or purely-for-the-skills training option, they will benefit from the Chartall Business College blended training approach – which incorporates face-to-face training, shorter practical tutorials, on-line revision sessions, on-line and email support and online resources.

Note: money spent on short courses can earn points on the BBBEE scorecard for skills development. In fact, large companies can claim up to 15% of their short course training costs when calculating their skills development BBBEE points.

The blended training option allows for a combination of online learning and live-time sessions with an e-facilitator or in a face-to-face setting. These will be run for group sizes of 10 or more learners.

Examples of customised short courses that we offer

In this administrative support course, participants will learn the core skills that will help them use their resources efficiently, manage their time wisely, communicate effectively, and collaborate with others skilfully.

The customer service workshop will look at all types of customers and how we can serve them better and improve ourselves in the process. Participants will be provided a strong skillset including in-person and over the phone techniques, dealing with difficult customers, and generating return business.

Developing writing skills is still important in the business world as creating proper documents (such as proposals, reports, and agendas), will give you that extra edge in the workplace.

The Business Writing workshop will give learners a refresher on basic writing concepts (such as spelling, grammar, and punctuation), and provide an overview of the most common business documents.

Business etiquette – This course examines the basics of etiquette: how to be considerate of others, business dress/appearance, the workplace versus social situations. Our business etiquette workshop will help you look and sound your best no matter what the situation.

Through this workshop delegates will become more confident and relaxed in front of an audience which will translate into a more successful speaking event.

Understanding Social Media is about communicating the right way. We are beginning to communicate more through electronic means than face-to-face. Talking on a phone has been replaced more and more with SMS (texting). People love to share, but they need to know what is all right to share and what should not be sent out.

This short skills programme will provide debt recovery agents with the skills and understanding to collect debt effectively and efficiently without breaking the law.

For the better part of every day, we are communicating to and with others. This is difficult enough face-to-face and it can be even more difficult telephonically. This telephone skills workshop will help learners understand the different methods of communication and how to make the most of each of them.

Management for new team leaders – The supervising others workshop will help supervisors become more efficient and proficient, with information on delegating, managing time, setting goals and expectations (for themselves and others), providing feedback, resolving conflict, and administering discipline.

The Human Resource Management skills programme will give managers the basic tools to handle numerous human resource situations such as interviewing, orientation, safety, harassment, discrimination, violence, discipline, and termination. The new B-BBEE codes will also be addressed superficially.

With Excel, you can manage more data than ever, with increased worksheet and workbook sizes. Excel also makes your job easier by providing an easy to use interface, and an array of powerful tools to help you turn your data into usable information and better information leads to better decision making!

PowerPoint is a powerful tool for the presentation of visual and graphical items. You can do everything from creating simple handouts to developing an animated presentation with audio.

Word is a powerful word processing application. However, it does much more than create simple documents. It includes several desktop publishing features to make your documents look great.

The Sales fundamentals workshop will give participants an understanding of the basic sales process, plus some basic sales tools, so that they can use to seal the deal, no matter what the size of the sale. Participants will become more confident, handle objections, and learn how to be a great closer.

Marketing is an essential element for every business. It can be that one missing piece of the puzzle, and when it fits the big picture is revealed. Learners on this course will be given an introduction to marketing and its benefits.

Marketing has changed dramatically over the last decade. Marketing is all about communicating, and the Internet has completely changed the way people communicate. The Internet is a marketer’s dream come true, especially with social media, as you have a low cost marketing tool that can reach a large audience.

A good proposal doesn’t just outline what product or service you would like to create or deliver. It does so in such a way that the reader feels it is the only logical choice. Your participants will explore the proposal writing process including.

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