The Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) process is a unique pedagogy focussing on the preparation for, and assessment of, prior learning.

Through RPL, people who have extensive workplace experience can earn a full or partial qualification without attending formal classroom training sessions.

Where a partial qualification is earned through the RPL process, candidates are advised to attend formal training to close the gaps in their learning so that they can earn the full, national certificate or diploma.

Recognition of Prior Learning with Chartall Business College

The RPL process and underlying pedagogy used by Chartall Business College are based on the theories of Dr Karen Deller, who completed her doctoral thesis on the development of an RPL model for the South African workplace. Karen is widely regarded as the most successful implementer of workplace RPL in South Africa.

Chartall Business College offers RPL to individuals and to companies who want to fast-track their staff through a full qualification.  Companies often do this to cut the cost and time required to deliver a full qualification where staff have selected workplace experience that can be assessed.

Chartall Business College offers RPL for all of the full qualifications that we are accredited to train.

For companies, Chartall Business College offers RPL over a number of pre-scheduled days.  During these sessions an RPL adviser will work with a group of RPL candidates to assist them to complete their qualification through RPL.

These sessions are designed to assist candidates to ‘translate’ their workplace learning into the language of academia so that they can match their workplace learning to the requirements of the unit standards.  These sessions involve discussion around the academic concepts (such as models, theories, plans and research) and are structured to show the candidates that they do have the learning even though they do not necessarily use the same academic words as the unit standards to describe it.

Using this “translation” method of RPL, Chartall Business College is able to increase competency rates and ensure that more candidates are found fully competent.  Typically, we offer this “translation” model of RPL over 5 or 8 days.

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