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  • Entrepreneurship

    This course looks at entrepreneurship and gives you the skills to evaluate yourself and your business ideas. When you are done, you should look at the world a little…

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  • Class of Business – Long Term Insurance Category 3

    On this programme you will learn all about Class of Business Category 2 Long Term Insurance which includes:
    • Assistance policy
    • Life risk policy
    • Life investment policy
    • Fund policy
    • Sinking…

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  • FETC: Generic Management (NQF 4)

    The Further Education and Training Certificate in Generic Management NQF Level 4 is an accredited full qualification quality assured by Services SETA. It has been specifically developed to build…

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  • Project Management Essentials

    So why is project management important?

    Without it, companies and teams are exposed to chaotic management, unclear objectives, a lack of resources, unrealistic planning, high risk, poor quality deliverables, projects…

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  • Management essentials

    No matter what business or industry you are in, managing staff and peers is a scarce and critical skill. This highly-focused and practical online ChartallCampus course guides you through…

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  • Conflict Management

    “Peace is not the absence of conflict but the presence of creative alternatives for responding to conflict” ― Dorothy Thompson People often assume that conflict is always negative, but…

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  • Leading

    This course forms part of a skills programme for the Further Education and Training Certificate in Generic Management NQF Level 4 qualification.

    This online short course about leading teaches you…

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  • Managing Your Meetings short course

    This course has been designed to give you the basic tools you will need to initiate and manage meetings from A to Z. It will give you the confidence…

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  • FETC: Business Administration Services (NQF 4)

    The core component of the qualification offers learners the knowledge and skills to function effectively in an office environment. Learners working towards this qualification will find that the acquisition…

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