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  • ODETDP NC Bundle

    This bundle is specifically for people with no experience who would like to start a career in the Occupationally Directed Education and Training Industry.

    To help you understand the National…

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  • Skills Assessor, Facilitator & Moderator Bundle

    Are you in training and development?
    Are you planning to move into training and development in the near future?
    Do you have a specific skill or competency that you want to…

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  • Personal workplace effectiveness bundle

    Personal workplace effectiveness means that you will be able to achieve your work goals through more efficient use of your time and the resources that you have available. This…

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  • Management effectiveness bundle

    A successful manager needs to perform their managerial activities effectively and efficiently. They understand the key role that knowledge and people play in running a successful organisation. As a…

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  • Personal mastery bundle

    Personal mastery is a continuous journey towards self-improvement. The journey is about self-discovery and how you create your own happiness. Personal mastery enables you to learn and to create…

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  • 21st Century Skills Bundle

    This course bundle includes 10 of the most essential 21st Century Skills courses that we have on offer. Covering topics such as digital literacy, emotional intelligence, coping with change,…

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