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Tiffany Moys

(BA Psychology (Honours Cum Laude), ETD Practitioner, Registered Assessor) (Awarded Membership for Life – Golden Key Society). Tiffany Moys is an accomplished, innovative, and passionate learning and development specialist, with more than 13 years’ experience. Her grounding in training was initially in the role of Learning and Development Manager for Bytes Document Solutions, one of the largest authorised Xerox distributors in South and sub-Saharan Africa. This experience afforded her the opportunity to work with many diverse and dynamic companies, traveling extensively both nationally and internationally and engaging with people from entry-level to Company executives. She has a broad set of training competencies which range from Selling skills, Service Delivery, Innovation, and Soft skill training among others.
Tiffany is meticulous and has developed significant strength in corporate training programme design, analysis, and delivery both in person and, in moving with current requirements, virtually, and has a vision to holistically empower her students with the knowledge to move them forward in their chosen career paths.

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