What to Expect for the Chartall Business College LMS

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The LMS (Learning Management System) that students will be using during their time at Chartall Business College is specifically designed to include everything needed to plan, organise and successfully complete your studies.

Upon successful registration, they will receive access to the Chartall LMS. Here they will be able to access their course assignments, learning material, announcements, e-tutorial sessions and much more! We have also included a course forum section that allows students to discuss course-related topics with their lecturers and fellow students.

The course content is also presented in smaller manageable weekly sections and is accompanied by a progress bar so that students can stay on top of their studies.

Our corporate clients also receive a detailed weekly report on their staff progress. This allows our corporate clients to stay on top of what the students are learning and allows them to understand how their staff are developing within the context of their organisation.