Leader in Recognition of Prior Learning

Chartall Business College is a recognised leader in Recognition of Prior Learning and its ‘twin’ Credit Accumulation & Transfer (CAT). Our Academic Director, Dr Karen Deller, completed her doctoral thesis on RPL, which saw the development of a uniquely African model for RPL implementation.

Over the years Chartall Business College has developed this model to the point where it has become a benchmark for local RPL practices.  Chartall Business College has worked on a number of high profile RPL projects that have assisted over 8500 people to earn a full or partial qualification.  These include:

  • RPL in the banking sector
  • RPL in the insurance sector
  • RPL in the real estate sector
  • RPL in the management sector
  • The digitalisation of RPL and CAT
  • Development of a self-service RPL and CAT portal

These projects have all be written up as case studies with the South Africa Qualifications Authority (SAQA).

Click on the links above to read about them.

Click here to read the Chartall Business College RPL guide (link to go to “Guide to RPL” page).

RPL with Chartall Business College is:

Easy and intuitive

We have custom designed assessment tools that make it easy for you to showcase your informal learning so that an assessor can assess it.

Follows the principles of good assessment

The regulators of education and training have set robust principles that must be followed to ensure the RPL process is valid and fair. Chartall Business College ensures that all assessors treat all RPL candidates fairly and that our results are upheld by the awarding bodies.

Is possible for all qualifications

Every qualification at Chartall can be acquired either through full training or through RPL. We can ever offer RPL for up to 50% of the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree.

Is supported and guided

RPL candidates are paired with an RPL advisor who assists you to unpack your workplace learning and make it visible for assessment. Your RPL advisor becomes your coach, guide, mentor and tutor to ensure you complete the process successfully.