Real estate NQF 5 subscription

Real Estate NQF 5 subscription

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A R1,400.00 enrolment fee plus R1,295.00 / month

The subscription plan for Real Estate NQF 5 online requires an initial fee of R2695 (which includes a R1400 enrolment fee) plus a minimum of 6 monthly payments of R1295 each.  If the qualification is completed in less than 6 months, then an assessment fee equal to the outstanding minimum monthly subscription amounts will be charged.  Thus, the minimum fee for this qualification is R10465.


The Estate Agency Affairs Board (EAAB) made it compulsory that all principal agents must acquire a full qualification.  This qualification covers all the required management, marketing, ethical, legal and financial skills necessary to manage a team of agents effectively.  It is the first step in fulfilling the EAAB’s legal requirements (the other requirements are the passing of the Professional Designation Exam (PDE) and ongoing Continuing Professional Development (CPD)).

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