National Certificate in Banking (NQF5) subscription

R1,500.00 / month and a R1,100.00 sign-up fee

The subscription plan for Banking NQF 5 online requires an initial fee of R2600 (which includes a R1100 enrolment fee) plus a minimum of 6 monthly payments of R1500 each.  If the qualification is completed in less than 6 months, then an assessment fee equal to the outstanding minimum monthly subscription amounts will be charged.  Thus, the minimum fee for this qualification is R11600.

If you take longer than 6 months to complete, you will continue paying R1500 until your portfolio is found competent. If you discontinue payments, your access will be removed and you will need to resubscribe. Therefore there is no maximum fee for this course.

The Banking NQF 5 qualification offers a unique elective offering which has been approved by the Financial Services Board to fulfill the FAIS Fit & Proper generic requirements for categories I and IV.

This qualification has been approved by the Financial Services Board to fulfil the FAIS Fit & Proper generic requirements for Categories I and IV.

The qualification follows a logical progression from the NQF level 4 banking, although it is not a prerequisite for learners to have completed the NQF 4 to access the level 5.  The qualification explores general banking concepts, including the banking regulatory environment, sales and marketing strategies, financial management and investment products.

Payment Method:

Recurring Cheque and Credit Card payment

(Debit cards and Bank Transfers are not accepted)

How it works:

The subscription option is a self-managed automated option where the monthly subscription payment is taken from the nominated cheque or credit card each month.

Successful payment grants you access to our LMS for one month. After one month, the subscription will automatically renew and charge the card. Once payment is successful, access will be extended by one month.

If the subscription payments are up to date, the subscription will continue to renew, and the nominated card will be charged monthly until the subscription is cancelled (at which point LMS access will be suspended).

There is a minimum subscription period applicable to the subscription payment option. Payment is due until competency has been achieved and the minimum subscription period has been reached.

If the course is finished before the minimum subscription period is reached, an invoice for the settlement amount will be sent. If the course is not yet completed, the subscription will continue to renew until competency is established, and the subscription is cancelled.

Once competency has been confirmed, the subscription must be cancelled by the user and automatic renewal and payment will be stopped.

For more information on the management of a subscription, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions section on the website.