Becoming Financially Savvy: The Psychology of Money


Do you know why you spend money the way you do? Do you have a “keeping up with the Jones’” mentality? Or do you always save for a rainy day and never spend your money?

The psychology of money is a course that helps you to understand what controls your thoughts, feelings, beliefs and behaviours and helps you to examine the “why” behind what you do.

When you understand how money fits into your life you can manage it better and become financially savvy.

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Are you the Master of your Money? ?
1. Have you thought about the role that money plays in your life?
2. Does money define who you are?
3. Do you consider being wealthy and earning a big salary the same thing?
4. Do you measure your success against your peers?
5. Does social media influence your spending?
6. Do you want to better understand what drives your money decisions?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, this is the right course for you! Start your financial journey now, the right way. Equip yourself with the necessary knowledge to take control and live the life you want.  Become the Master of your Money.