Becoming Financially Savvy: Budgeting



Are you the Master of your Money? ?
1. Do you have a monthly budget that you check and update every month?
2. Do you know what you are spending your money on?
3. Do you know how much you can afford to save every month?
4. Do you understand the benefits of budgeting?
5. Do you understand the difference between ‘must-have’ and ‘optional’ expenses?
6. Are you in control of your money?

If you answered no to any of the above questions, this is the right course for you! Start your financial journey now, the right way. Equip yourself with the necessary knowledge to take control and live the life you want. Become the Master of your Money.

This course teaches you to manage your money so that your money does not manage you! The latter results in financial stress and anxiety, which is something we all want to avoid. Budgeting is the best tool to help you grow your money while still living the lifestyle that you want.

Take an honest look at what you spend your money on and learn how to monitor it so you can become financially savvy.

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