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  • Coping with change

    A Greek philosopher, Heraclitus, said “the only thing that is constant is change”. That is probably more true now than in 500 BC when he said it.

    Change is an…

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  • Restyle You: Email Etiquette short course

    With email inboxes best described as a ‘grid-locked Monday morning traffic jam with no end’, it is hardly a wonder the general quality of email correspondence is dropping. Nonetheless,…

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  • Corporate Culture and Ethics short course

    Corporate culture in any organisation sets the tone for decision making and performance. The benefits of an ethical corporate culture are long reaching and should be prioritised.

    It is up…

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  • Business Writing Skills short course

    Effective communication is essential in life, and particularly in business. The ability to clearly articulate what you are trying to say in a professional manner will get you far….

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  • Knowledge Management

    We live in a world where knowledge is power. The world is changing at a rapid pace due to globalisation. This means that businesses, and people, need to adapt…

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  • Short course assessment

    You have completed the course, now complete the assessment to be awarded credits toward a qualification.

    All credits count towards fully recognised qualifications. Get yours today!

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