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  • Creativity

    Most of us think that only artists, musicians and writers can be creative, but this is not true! We are all born creative, and with practice, we all have…

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  • Critical Thinking

    Critical thinking is a skill to prevent you from making assumptions and accepting new information as truth too quickly. It is helpful for strategic thinking and problem solving –…

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  • Innovation

    In order to remain relevant, organisations need to stay ahead of the competition and cater to growing customer demands.

    Being innovative involves being able to translate ideas into value-adding products…

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  • Emotional Intelligence

    Emotional intelligence is the learnt skill that enables you to recognize, understand and manage, both your own emotions, and the emotions of those around you.  This skill allows you…

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  • Service Orientation

    In the modern, highly inter-connected world everyone is serving someone.  To survive, a company needs to really know its customers and offer a satisfying interaction at every contact point….

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  • Train Your Brain

    Cognitive flexibility is, “the brain’s ability to adapt your behaviour and thoughts to new, changing, or unexpected events. In other words, shifting is the ability to see that what…

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  • Becoming Financially Savvy: Savings & Investments

    Anyone can become a money master with the right help. This course equips you with the knowledge and tools that help you to make your money work for you.


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  • Becoming Financially Savvy: Budgeting


    Are you the Master of your Money?


    Do you have a monthly budget that you check and update…

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  • Motivate and build a team

    Motivation and teamwork is becoming more and more important in the workplace and we know the happier people are, the better the results they will deliver. The truth is,…

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