Orientation Day – July cohort 2017


The countdown has started towards the July 2017 Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) face-to-face orientation day.

This orientation session has been designed with a few purposes in mind, but it is mainly so that you can get to know your fellow classmates and the faculty and support staff.

At Chartall Business College we have found that the face-to-face orientation session is important to help students gain confidence and trust in their classmates and faculty. Students who are unable to attend the two-day session are often on the back foot as the rest of the class has moved onto the productive stage of teamwork while they are still trying to get to know everyone and build trust. (See the separate article from the Journal of Research on Technology in Education by E. I Scagnoli, 2001 that backs up this finding with solid research.)

Technology in Education by E. I Scagnoli

And this trust is very important in the syndicate group work and the e-tutorials. The orientation session also helps your e-lecturers to get to know you and your ambitions.

During the two-day orientation session, you will learn enough to get started with the Chartall Business College online learning management system, you’ll get used to working in a syndicate group, and you will have a thorough orientation to the demands of online studying. We will also cover the do’s and don’ts of academic writing and research at degree-level.

The Chartall Business College academic manager will also take you through all the rules that you must follow in order to stay on track to write your subject assessments and you will learn how to submit assignments and tests.

But most of all you will get to know your fellow classmates and your faculty and support staff. The evening of the 6th is set aside for a burger and beer event (but there will be some wine as well). This is a great opportunity to get to know everyone involved socially.

Going back to studying after a short break (or long break, even) can be somewhat daunting but the two-day orientation session will set the foundation to make your degree studies successful.

And, very importantly, you will get to meet your student adviser – Kelly Boyers. Kelly studied law and English at Rhodes University. Her focus is going to be the July 2017 BBA cohort and she will be your contact for all non-academic issues and challenges. She will also track your progress and give you ongoing support, information and the odd push (if you need it).

Kelly Boyers - your student adviser

Kelly is a Durban-girl, Jo’burg’s big lights and fast pace (and cold winters) sometimes leave her a little breathless. She loves people, movies and music. And she is tough – so expect a call from her if you miss a lecture.

We look forward to meeting you all on the 6th July for the orientation session. Date and time to be confirmed in due course, but it looks likely to be at the Chartall Campus in Broadacres, Fourways. Dress casual and bring your thinking caps. Let’s get this July cohort off with a bang.

See you all very soon.

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