Finding your training provider: 7 top tips


What to consider when selecting an education and training provider. Here are some guiding factors to consider when deciding.

  • The institution’s track-record: track-record cannot be bought. It’s earned over time.
  • Education and administrative staff: selecting a provider with caring, good people is where education investment really pays off.
  • Course design and content: how this is packaged and delivered makes a huge difference in the teaching and learning process.
  • Delivery modes: innovative delivery is challenging the old paradigms. There is currently a learning revolution and delivery modes are changing. Is the provider on at the leading edge?
  • Teaching and learning facilities: how a provider serves students is another area of rapid change. The traditional campus with its ‘one solution for all’ is rapidly becoming the exception rather than the norm.
  • Student support: quality providers spend time up front guiding students, providing quality career advice, and empowering students to make the right qualification choice.
  • The student’s context and environment – understanding the student’s context and environment is vital in developing and delivering education. This is especially true for South Africa with its multi-faceted diversity. Once the student is well understood it is easier to facilitate effective education.

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