RPL practitioner bw
CATEGORY: Unit standard programems

Develop, support and promote RPL practices (SAQA ID: 116587)

Course Access: Lifetime
Course Overview

Recognition of Prior Learning in South Africa has a very specific agenda. RPL in SA is meant to support transformation of both the education and training system as well as the workplace.  To achieve this transformation agenda we need highly skilled RPL practitioners and champions of the practice of RPL.  Dr Karen Deller as managed RPL implementation projects, crafted polices and strategies and been a vocal evangelist for all types of RPL in South Africa.  In this short course on RPL, Dr Deller will explore policy and practices that explicitly addresses the visible and invisible barriers to learning and assessment.  And guide you to successfully draft your own polocies and run your own RPL projects in both your sector and your organisation.  

This short course, and its matched unit standard, aims to train people who have a deep understanding of outcomes-based assessment to take an active role in the initiation and implementation of Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) policies and practices.  The intention is  to train people in all sectors to promote an awareness of RPL-related issues and provide RPL advice and support, at systems and strategic level, to a range of people/bodies, including assessors, moderators, evidence facilitators, assessment designers, teachers, trainers, managers, organisations, institutions, companies and enterprises.

Specifically, people credited with this unit standard are able to:

Demonstrate understanding of the conceptual underpinnings and purposes of the recognition of prior learning,Investigate current RPL practice and opportunities in an organisation or sector,Develop RPL policies, procedures and plans for an organisation,Provide RPL advice and support, andPromote RPL practices.