This subject will introduce you to the specialised field of accounting, the related terminology and the basic concepts that underpin the financial statements. The aim of this subject is to provide you with the confidence to understand and apply accounting principles in real-world situations.

This subject is ideal as a supplementary tutorial mechanism for existing financial accounting learners. There is an option to do the linked assessments (assignments, tests and the exam) in order to get credits towards Chartall’s Bachelor of Business Administration Degree.

Course overview

The details for this elearning short course are as follows:

  • Average time commitment is 2 hours per week.
  • This course runs for 18 weeks (20 weeks if assessment is included).
  • Internet access and PC skills are essential.
Weekly breakdown

Week 1: The basics
Week 2: Accounting cycle
Week 3: Adjustments and closing entries
Week 4: General ledger postings
Week 5: Pricing and inventory systems
Week 6: Cost classification
Week 7: Bank reconciliation
Week 8: Budgets
Week 9: Presenting financial statements
Week 10: Assets in focus
Weel 11: Liabilities and equity in focus
Week 12 – Partnerships
Week 13 – Companies and CC’s
Week 14 – Non-profit organisations
Week 15 – Making sense of financial statements
Week 16 – Accounting software packages
Week 17 – Statement of cash flows
Week 18 – Accounting Ethics
Week 19 and 20 – Study week and exam (assessment)

Single payment
R5 500once off payment

Make a once off payment for the Financial Accounting BBA subject.
Add assessment for
R2 950once off payment

Get assessed for 5 credits towards a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree.


Contact info
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